2D Animation

This animation was created as part of the 2D Animation module of my BSc (Hons) Computer Game Design course.  It was created using Flash designed to show how graphics have evolved, as well as to demonstrate how the principles of animation can be applied.  With the time I had to produce this animation I am very proud of the result, especially as it provides a little chuckle.  This is not the skill I will be focusing on going into the industry (unless a potential employer sees some potential) but I did learn an awful lot about the 12 principles or animation during this project, of which I tried to use as many as I possibly could.  This aniamtion, whilst only a minute, required 11 days of hard crunching, demonstrating my hard-working ability to it’s fullest.

The audio is “Life at the Arcade”, from the motion picture “Wreck-It Ralph”.  I do not own a copyright for the audio and I do not intend on breaking any copyright laws.

I hope you enjoy the animation.