3D Animation

For both year 2 and year three of my course I was required to create 3D animations.  Year two focused more on the film side, ensuring storyboards were created, camera angles were thought of and it looked dramatic, whilst textures and lighting were not necessary, I used my contingency time to add them in.

In contrast to this, year 3 saw the animations focused more towards game actions.  So with a fully modeled, sculpted, painted and rigged character, I set about creating these animations.  On both occasions I used my knowledge of the 12 principles of animation, which proves to be invaluable to animators all over the world. I do intend to improve my 3D animation skills as I go, preferably to with motion capture as I’m aware both the games and film industry use it widely to achieve a higher level of realism.

Both key frame and motion capture animation was used in both animations.

And here are the Beast animations from year 3.  The first two are key frame animations, whilst the second two are motion capture animations.


Here is the “Grave Robber” animation, from year 2.


Still a long way to go, learning is never complete.  Enjoy!