Comic Book

For my Final Major Project, running from the start to end of my final year of University I wanted to focus on improving my art skills rather than simply resting on the ones that I already possessed.  Knowing the Art world as I did, it struck me that anytime a human is drawn out of proportion it can break the immersion immediately, as in our heads we know what a human looks like, though many people do not know the principles of drawing them as it is a very hard skill to learn, as I found out.  However as this is a games course it was decided that I would merge both 2D art and 3D renders to give the book a bit of something special.  This helped me greatly, learning to render images based around a 2D character was interesting, it also helped save a lot of time rather than re-drawing each background over and over.  At the start of the comic the renders are sparse, with the first being page 9, but from page 14 the renders are mixed din frequently as the models included the Beast, the cave, the axe and even the trees.  Whilst I am very pleased with the final result, I believe that 2D background are never going to be replaced.  Whilst renders can add a nice touch of realism, viewing my pages against a Marvel comic highlights the importance of a well drawn 2D background.  This is yet another bit of knowledge gained from this project, which has taught me so much in regards to both 2D and 3D art.  As you can see the images get better and better as the book progresses, a sign of my continuing development throughout the project.

I have created 21 pages with many bodies on each page, learning as I went from reference images including comic books and photographs, conducting many anatomy studies prior to beginning this project in order to produce the best work.  You many view the comic book on this page, called “The Clairvoyant Song” it tells the tale of two characters in a world where magic has almost died out.  An adventure takes place to rescue the girl from certain sacrifice and gain back a lost memory.  This book may not win any story awards, but I used the project to focus on the art, rather than the story.  I hope you enjoy.

No plans on selling this product, unless there is a significant demand.