Project Penny

For this project I was designated “Lead Artist”.  My role involved deciding upon the art style that the game would use and creating many of the assets that you see in the final version.  I worked efficiently throughout the project earning an 83% grade for my contribution, due to the high level of teamwork and assets that I produced continually throughout the project.  I believe the results speak for themselves as the artwork is lovely to look at.  It is far from a triple-A game but I believe it represents a significant stage in my development as a game artist as it was my first real 2D project.  I did also delve into a little bit of code, having to code a looping music sequence into the game using ActionScript 3.0, an almost dead language but nevertheless a valuable skill for anyone to learn.

There were many issues with the final game, particularly that we cut out a good 80% of what we intended on including during the planning phase of production, but as a great man once said, “You won’t make a game until you cut your favorite feature.” (Chet Faliszek, 2012) and that we did.  I hope you enjoy it and believe me, I have come on along way since then.