Unity Assignment

For a second year project I was required to create a game environment, including models and textures, then place that within a game engine and create a game using the tools.  Naturally I planned out what type of game I could create and the assets that i would need to achieve this.  As I had not used a game engine before this, I decided to use Unity 3D to produce my game, as it is relatively easy to use and has the tools to create a wide variety of games.

The game itself was a simple collection game with a stealth attribute added to give it some flavor.  The player would run around the level wielding a metal pole manufactured by “PongCorp”, which they could use to hit objects.  The aim is to collect all 30 coins within this abandoned airbase before the irradiated air depletes your health to zero.  The player must also avoid being seen by the vicious orb, which removes a huge chunk of points from the player’s score.  There are a few pieces of art placed throughout the level, something that has become some sort of signature of my work.

Once the player collects all 30 coins, a message appears telling them they have won the game and completed their goal, whereas if the player’s health reaches zero before this occurs, a message tells them they have died and the game closes.  The player can extend their life slightly by collecting coins, which each add 10 points to their health level, otherwise their health will deplete at a rate of 1 point per 0.75 seconds.  The game also features a custom GUI and working start menu, which appears once the game is loaded and can be accessed by pressing F1 at any time.

As this was my first attempt at coding I felt that my performance was wonderful.  Although it is not as great as “Rust” or any of the widespread games you see made with Unity, it was a good start and I intend to create more levels as practice post-grad using my new-found skills in texturing and 3D modelling, which you can see here.  I had a completed game a week before and hand in and I still spent each and every night coding to add new features, enjoying myself with some friendly competition from other coders within the course.  It was great fun to code, something that I did not ever think I would say.

Here is the level, as played by myself, showing off some features.  Still a long way to go, but this is a good start.