Games and Coding

During year 2 of my course I was required to create a game using the game engine Unity 3D.  For this I had to create all of the assets and code it appropriately to ensure there was a start and end condition for the players to reach.  To get an in-depth look at what I created, click here.  For an artist the coding is pretty good.

In the same year I was also part of a team project called “Project Penny” under the team known as the “Penny Pushers”.  We were tasked with creating a 2D Flash Game between 5 people, each with specific roles.  We did enter this game into the Dare to be Digital competition and whilst we received a lot of negative feedback, one positive comment was that the artwork was to a high level.  The artwork was by myself.  To see it in action, click here.

This page is rather empty for now, but one day I assure you, it will be packed with plenty of quality games.